Our Story

Some of the best ideas have humble beginnings.
It was in a bar in Toronto, Canada one night, when Steve King and Hugo Amos were discussing a conundrum. With increasing amounts of data around us, we should be able to use it in smarter ways to understand and anticipate consumer demand.

Could there be a better way to connect the data silos, and help companies know where and how to grow?

On a beer mat, Steve and Hugo scribbled down their concept. And back in the UK, they founded Black Swan to revolutionize new-product innovation using the power of big data. The beer mat might still be in the London office – but the impact of that conversation can be felt worldwide.
“Data is largely irrelevant unless you can harness its power effectively“
Steve King

Our Name

In finance, a “black swan event” means an unpredictable, world-shaking occurrence. But at Black Swan we don’t believe in unpredictability. Given the right metrics and the right tools, the consumer data all around us provides a sure foot forward for companies.

Our Values

Pioneering game-changing solutions to transform how our clients work, our values are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We listen more than we talk
  • 10% crazy is just about right
  • Anyone can achieve great things; we don’t put people in boxes
  • Transparency and honesty build partnerships
  • Leave the world in a better place than you found it
  • Most importantly, enjoy your work
Global Nests
Our teams work across the globe from North America to the UKHungary, and South Africa.


In a competitive world, we need to ensure we are bringing the best talent to our clients, regardless of ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, or disability.

We believe in a future where everyone feels included, no matter where they work or live. We fully embrace diversity because we believe an inclusive future is a better future for all. And we empower each of our Swans to be themselves and respect each other.

Diversity is embedded within our business and we make sure we have measures in place to track our progress.
We build disruptive products; disruption only comes from diversity
Steve King
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