Surface and predict trends using data science


Surface, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science
Trendscope Social Prediction™
We use data science to

Surface insights and predict trends

We help the world’s largest brands better understand consumers and decide what products to launch next.

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We use data science to

Transform customer experiences

The world’s leading airlines use our data-driven passenger experience technology to reinvent the in-flight experience.

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We use data science to

Forecast the ‘unforecastable’

We predicted the spread of cold & flu with hyper-local accuracy four days ahead of any local authority advice.

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What we do

When black swans were discovered in Australia, 17th century Londoners were astonished, as it was previously assumed all swans were white. From then on, a ‘black swan moment’ came to describe an unforeseen event that turns all preceding knowledge and wisdom on its head.

We use data science to create Black Swan events for our clients, enabling a better understanding of their customers and new data-driven solutions to emerge.

Our Products

We offer easy to use applications to re-engineer how businesses perform key tasks.

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Our Solutions

We deliver digital transformation programs that create new growth opportunities - enabling clients to be more data-driven, agile and customer-centric.

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Powered by the NEST

Whether it’s predicting consumer trends, advanced forecast modelling or connecting passengers in the sky, our products and solutions are based on state of the art data science. The engine that powers and supports all of them is our proprietary NEST platform. It allows us to ingest, enrich and analyse vast amounts of data – regardless of source or type. This means we can quickly and easily help our clients identify patterns, spot trends and make predictions – turning disparate, unconnected data into powerful business intelligence.

Our clients

We partner with clients across a variety of industries including: Aviation, Consumer, Retail, Utilities, Entertainment and Financial Services.

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