We're no longer limited to asking consumers questions

Right now, millions of consumers are voluntarily sharing their needs, wants, frustrations and desires online and on social media platforms. This rich and robust source of dialogue can enable us to understand what’s really driving long-term consumer behavior in our categories. So, why are marketers and innovators still struggling to unlock and apply its potential? Black Swan is here to change that.
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The most complete and relevant CPG dataset in existence:

At Black Swan, an army of CPG experts and data scientists use patented AI tech to curate millions of conversations into a high quality framework for growth. Bank on reliable guidance along your product development path, from identifying unmet needs to launch.
Black Swan’s platform continually ingests billions of real-time consumer dialogues surrounding your category from sources including: Twitter, Reddit, Blogs, Forums, Review Sites, and News & Lifestyle Publications.
Our combination of patent-pending tech, data scientists and insight experts remove irrelevant content and noise. Then surface and structure every topic of conversation into a trend framework built for CPG growth.
Network analysis understands how topics are interrelated and ladder-up into Growth Drivers. Whilst our TPV (Trend Prediction Value) algorithm forecasts future growth with 89% accuracy. Users can access this intelligence 24/7 through our intuitive, end-to-end innovation platform.
Every month, we remove inconsistencies, surface new trending topics, and articulate contexts – specifically for CPG – bringing you data you can act on.

Predictive data for predictive growth

Our platform doesn’t just show you what’s current today. It predicts what’s next with an accuracy of 89%. How do we know? Because we go back and check half a million of our predictions every single month, improving the model each time. That’s data you can rely on as you move to market.

Your innovation red thread

Our platform seamlessly connects your innovation process – from identification of growth spaces to honing your launch. That means a truly end-to-end solution for delivering successful new products.
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