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White Swan Charity

Using our leading technology and unique prediction analysis, our offshoot charity exists to improve the health and wellbeing of society.

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In 2015, our co-founder Steve King’s sister Julie was wheelchair-bound and in danger of losing her life. Her health had been deteriorating for eight years and despite countless tests, doctors were at a loss to explain her condition.

Steve refused to accept his sister’s bleak prognosis. Understanding the power of data and prediction analysis, he began applying the same techniques to help Julie.

By harnessing millions of internet conversations and packaging over 10,000 data sets from Julie’s diary – from what she ate to how she felt – Steve and the team started to match her symptoms with others. They started making connections and patterns that human beings simply can’t.

Armed with this new information they made a life-changing breakthrough which led to Julie finally being diagnosed with a rare, but treatable, form of Parkinson’s.

Julie is now able to lead a normal life with her family. The incredible story behind her diagnosis inspired us to spread our philanthropic wings and set-up White Swan Charity as a not-for-profit offshoot in 2018.

“We built an NLP, which allowed us to find places on the Internet where people were having these kind of conversations. Rather than looking for keywords, we were looking for features of Julie’s problem.” (Nielson)


White Swan Charity is a registered charity and a completely separate entity to Black Swan Data. By leveraging our unique technology and leading edge data science capabilities, their mission is to help prevent illness and accelerate the path to wellness and diagnosis.

Many of our Swans volunteer their time to help White Swan Charity. If you are interested in volunteering or finding out how our technology is helping improve the health of our society.

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