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Brand Communications

It's never been more important to understand how consumers are talking about the topics that matter to your brand.

Tapping into the world's largest focus group

Your brand’s perception isn’t owned by you, it’s owned by your consumers. Do you know what people think of when they think of you?

Really understanding the organic conversations taking place about your brand, product or service on social networks gives you a truer understanding of any gaps and opportunities in your positioning and communications strategy.

In addition, social media is a dynamic data source, meaning we don’t need to ask questions in the moment. More effectively, we can go back to an important event or point in time to decode how the conversation surrounding your brand has shifted and why.

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The questions we answer

  • What does my brand respresent and stand for in consumers' minds?
  • How does this compare to the wider category and my competitors?
  • What positive and negative associations do consumers make about my brand?
  • Which emerging, future trends could affect my brand communications strategy?

Our method

  • brand-communications/group-30.svg

    What you think your brand stands for

    Working with your key brand stakeholders we identify what you perceive, or would like, your brand to stand for.

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    What consumers think your brand stands for

    Social data allows us to observe a true understanding of your brand perception in consumers’ language.

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    Identifying how to close the gaps

    Analysing these opposing perceptions enables us to identify opportunities that can close the gaps and create new points of difference for your brand.

Case Study

Mcdonald's: Unlocking brand love through Social Insight

Their challenge

McDonald’s wanted to better understand how people naturally talked about their category, brand and competitors – the personas driving and engaging the conversation, their preferences and influences. They asked Black Swan to use Twitter data to surface insights and opportunities within their key customer segments that could ultimately be used to build brand love and advocacy campaigns.

Our approach

  • By deciphering 880 million food, drink and quick service restaurant conversations, images and videos, we unearthed the key drivers that could build a more emotional brand connection. These moved away from the value and iconic menu items which had been so intrinsic to the brand in North America.
  • We surfaced emerging category trends and contextualised the audience segments, helping bring to life a deeper, objective understanding behind what drives advocacy and the common ground that could provide springboard insights for their communications strategy.
  • Eight overarching communication territories were identified and used to brief McDonald’s advertising agency We Are Unlimited.

The impact

Our analysis inspired the ‘In Common’ TV campaign that celebrates the common McDonald’s rituals we all share, proving we have more in common with different people than we think. The rituals, casting and settings were all directly taken from real customer stories that emerged from our social data analysis.