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Social data insights? McDonald’s are lovin’ it!

Their Challenge
McDonald’s wanted to better connect with their customers in the US and build love and advocacy for the brand, specifically using Twitter data.

Our Approach
By applying AI to social data we observed a true understanding of McDonald’s in consumers’ language, and discovered the topics they were talking about that matter to their brand. This helped us bring to life a deeper, objective understanding behind what drives advocacy and also find common ground:

• Deciphered 880 million food, drink and quick service restaurant conversations, images and videos.
• Unearthed key drivers that can build a more emotional brand connection.
• Key drivers moved away from the value and iconic menu items which were so intrinsic to the brand in North America.
• Surfaced emerging category trends across the lenses of product and communication and outlined a role for McDonald’s.
• Contextualized audience segments to provide springboard insights for their communications strategy.
• Identified eight overarching communication territories.

The Impact
Our analysis discovered that everyone has a real connection with McDonald’s. It also surfaced nostalgia for the brand, as well as 1000s of common idiosyncrasies in human behaviour which helps customers find comfort at McDonald’s.

This research inspired the ‘In Common’ TV campaign which celebrates shared McDonald’s rituals, proving we have more in common with different people than we think.

A social campaign captured real customers’ portraits and stories of their favourite McDonald’s moments and memories. All rituals, casting and settings were directly taken from real customer stories that emerged from our social data analysis.