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Identify, prioritise and predict
trends using data science.

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how trendscope helps brands

how trendscope helps brands

First mover advantage

Identify trends before other methodologies even realise they exist by continually surfacing and analysing all the known and unknown topics of consumer conversation.

gather data to predict the future

how trendscope helps brands

Innovate with science

Prioritise innovation opportunities by identifying and measuring the themes, ingredients, benefits, competitors and products which consumers knowingly, or unknowingly, associate with your brand.

innovate with science to help clients

how trendscope helps brands

Predict the future

Remove subjectivity. The proprietary Trend Prediction Value (TPV) algorithm computes billions of data points to accurately assess a trend’s maturity and scientifically predict it’s future trajectory. 

predict the future with algorithms

how trendscope helps brands

Decode the audience

Understand the size, composition and demographics of the audience that’s driving a trend for marketing positioning and communications.

decodeing the audience for marketing

how trendscope helps brands

Manage risk

Never get blindsided to a new trend or shift in consumer attitude. Trendscope alerts you when unknown trends begin to surface and known trends suddenly gain momentum.

using data-scinese to manage risk

what users say

“It's like Google Trends
on steroids”

“The data surprises people, they wouldn’t have come to those conclusions on their own.”

“Trendscope helps us decode - not just understand - the conversation.”

how it works

Trenscope transform the data into useful information

Data preparation

It’s the quality of data that provides the foundation for foresight. Trendscope ingests, cleans and enriches huge, extensive datasets – tuning a sea of disparate data into structured, useful information.

Trnedscope identifies and measures the associations between seemingly unrelated subjects with sci_nce

Topic expansion

Industry leading natural language processing (NLP) technology identifies and measures the associations between seemingly unrelated subjects, enabling us to surface all known and unknown trends.

algorithms compute data


Signal processing algorithms compute billions of data points to group trends not simply by their content, but by the characteristics they share - enabling accurate mapping a trend’s maturity.

Trenscope predicts future by analysing previous trends


By learning how topics with similar characteristics behaved historically, Trendscope identifies the signals and triggers that will accurately predict future growth or decline – it’s TPV score.

Intuitive online tool for users

Intuitive online tool

Users can explore trends in more depth, review the suite of action-orientated reports and manage trend alerts online.

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what else we do


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Trendscope enables brands to objectively identify, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science.

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