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Want to innovate your innovations?

Innovate your methodology

By harnessing millions of online category conversations, we make breakthrough insights and accurate trend predictions. This is how we help brands deliver smarter, data-driven new product development programmes that get to market first.


The questions we answer

Early trend warning

  • What are the most important emerging trends in my category?
  • How will they affect my product portfolio and how should I react?
  • How is the sentiment around a specific category topic shifting?

Short-term innovation

  • Which line extensions and flavour additions should I develop?
  • Which new benefit(s) can we claim to increase our product’s appeal?
  • Why are certain products or brands trending and how can I leverage this?

Breakthrough innovation

  • How do we find the next ‘killer’ category innovation before our competitors?
  • Where are the white spaces and growth opportunities in my category?
  • Which emerging benefits from adjacent categories will be relevant?

85% of new CPG products fail in their first 2 years


How do you maximise the chances of making your new product innovation a success? Our data science approach is setting a new standard in social trend prediction, helping you drive smarter and speedier innovation programmes.

From trend prediction to market success

1) Understand and prioritise trends

  • Bottom-up, machine learning approach surfaces drivers and headwinds from the perspective of your consumers
  • TPV algorithm ranks each trend by its likelihood to sustain and grow

2) Identify white space opportunities

  • Understand how your brand is represented in key conversation topics vs competitors
  • Identify the category opportunities that are as yet unowned

3) Data-driven new product concept building

  • Map associations between seemingly disparate trends to determine new innovation territories
  • Analyse the strength of association between topics to prioritise connections that are most likely to succeed and build stronger product concepts

4) Expert Innovation consultants make data actionable

  • With experience helping companies like PepsiCo transform their Global Insight programmes, our Data Scientists and Insight Specialists are experts in driving action and value from our datasets
  • They apply this experience to your specific Innovation challenges

5) Increase speed, reduce failure rate

  • Ideation using a quantitative data source reduces the need for validation and improves test results
  • • Resulting in confident decision-making and more speed to market

“With rapid consumer change, insights must give brands first sight to the next wave of opportunity and guide smarter and faster brand response. This is the only path to sustainable demand led growth.” Global FMCG Brand
Vice President Insights & Analytics

The world’s first Social Prediction tool

Trendscope laptop

Never miss a trend again with our always-on trend prediction platform.


Insights, predictions and news

Learn about our latest insights, predictions, client work and news.

Brewing up a first mover advantage for Lipton with Matcha

Brewing up a first mover advantage for Lipton with Matcha

Predicting the future for CBD – May 2019

Predicting the future for CBD – May 2019

Cross-Category Report
Serving up new flavour innovations for PepsiCo

Serving up new flavour innovations for PepsiCo



What data sources do you use?

A variety of publicly available Social data sources including: Blogs (e.g. HuffPost), Message Boards (e.g. Reddit), News Sources (e.g. The Wall Street Journal), Reviews, (e.g. Amazon reviews) and Social Networks (e.g. public tweets from Twitter). We can also utilise our specific regional social data partnerships such as Sina Weibo in China and VK in Russia.

How are you different from social listening?

Social listening monitors what is currently happening in digital conversations about pre-determined subjects. We go beyond simply monitoring what you already know. We build consumer defined category datasets that allow us to surface and identify emerging and unknown trends that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. Our TPV algorithm scientifically ranks each trend by its future importance to the category, enabling you to identify white space opportunities 6+ months earlier than any social listening tool is capable of.

Which new product innovations have you helped launch?

We work across a range of sectors and markets, helping clients understand which trends to activate and when. Our trend intelligence enabled Unilever brand Lipton to launch a Matcha Ice Tea months ahead of the market. Our consumer insights have helped PepsiCo launch successful new brands such as Bubly, Life Water and Off the Eaten Path.
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