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IFT19: Feed Your Future

New Orleans, USA
2-5 June 2019

The most cutting-edge innovations, products and trends in food and food technology. The only event bringing you over 1,000 exhibiting companies on the forefront of the latest global food trends, and see first-hand, the products designed to address them. Black Swan Data will be taking centre stage and exhibiting too, sharing how social data can give you the confidence of knowing which trend to act on (and when!) through application of AI.


NEXT 2019: Insight Association

Chicago, USA
13-14 June 2019

Transforming your path to insights – this event will reveal how new technology and innovation are powering better ways to collect data, discover insights and communicate results. NEXT is your connection to the market research tools, ideas and people that can accelerate growth and increase your impact NOW. Black Swan Data will both exhibit and present on how the power of social data can give you the quantitative foresight to know when to act on a trend, with confidence, and ultimately get to market first.


Sustainable Foods Summit

Amsterdam, Netherlands
13-14 June 2019

The aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry by discussing key industry issues. This event covers four key themes: sustainability, food ingredients, new technologies and green packaging solutions, answering key questions like ‘What developments are happening in formulation, production and marketing of sustainable food and beverages’. Black Swan Data will be tackling this head on with a speaker session on 14th June.


Beauty & Skincare Formulation

London, United Kingdom
27 June 2019

This is a brand-side Insights event pays focus on the latest active ingredients, raw materials and consumer trends within the beauty and skincare industry. With 21 speakers from the most progressive brands in the industry, the summit provides insight on consumer-focused beauty, cosmetics and skincare formulations/ products. Black Swan Data will have a booth and be speaking on the morning of this packed one day event.