At Black Swan Edge we help companies raise finance from the investor community. Although we use data and marketing techniques when  executing campaigns we always start a project with helping our clients tell their story.

Potential investors need to understand what a company does and how they plan to grow. Summarising this information in an engaging, jargon free manner is crucial to the success of any investment raise.  As one experienced investor told us recently “I give every opportunity five minutes.. If I don’t understand it or feel excited about it by then I pass on to the next one

The challenge facing all of us is that we have a tendency to over-complicate things, we feel that people need to know the minutiae when actually they just want to see the big picture to allow them to make a decision if they want to find out more.

There is a story that during a well-lubricated lunch Ernest Hemingway bet a group of writers that he could write a complete novel in six words. Having agreed the bet Hemingway wrote the words on a napkin and passed it round the table. Without another word being spoken his companions passed him his winnings. On the napkin he had written the words; 

“For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”

Would-be investors probably want more than six words, but when it comes to describing what we do and how we plan to grow hopefully the message is clear…

Less is definitely more.

Happy story telling!

Fergus is Head of Strategy at Black Swan Edge. He is passionate about marketing and communications – a graduate from the ‘no-nonsense’ school of marketing, Fergus helps our clients develop their stories to win investors’ hearts and minds.
Black Swan Edge are a relatively new addition to the family. They provide marketing and data intelligence to the financial services sector.