Black Swan are excited to be involved in the new Exeter Engaged Smart Transport project, launched today in collaboration with Exeter City Council and Devon County Council.

The latest in a series of exciting Black Swan projects based in and around the city, this congestion-busting development takes Black Swan’s cutting edge technology to the roads of Exeter and uses data to cut congestion and traffic jams. Working with a consortium led by leading global IT services provider NTT DATA, this ground-breaking, two-year intelligent transport project aims to identify solutions that will alleviate traffic congestion in and around Exeter.

The project will use real-time traffic and weather sensor data, combined with other data sources such as eyewitness and behavioural information to better understand the factors affecting people’s travel behaviour. Using Black Swan’s data analysis algorithms, it will reveal where and why congestion happens and provide solutions to address these problems. The consortium has been awarded match funding by Innovate, the UK Government’s innovation agency.

Black Swan’s CEO Steve King says “We are excited to take part in something with immediate and actionable results, in a region we love. We have an office in Exeter and work closely with the University, so it’s great to participate in something directly affecting local people – everyone hates traffic jams and hopefully we can do something to alleviate them in and around Exeter!”

Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member with special responsibility for Exeter, said; “We are pleased to be involved in this exciting project that will benefit Exeter residents. Technology is rapidly changing and this is a great opportunity to work with industry experts to help make the best use of the vast amount of data various organisations hold to help manage our transport network.

Black Swan are proud to be involved with such a ground-breaking project – it is great to see the power of data put to such a practical use and to help influence consumer behaviour on such a large scale.

To read more about the project, please read the press release here.

Lara is Communications Manager at Black Swan.