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Black Swan and Connected Traveller Services


We recently removed the Fethr logo from our website and we’ve had a number of enquiries regarding our Aviation business so I wanted to provide a quick explanation.

Firstly, thank you! Black Swan had a fantastic seven years providing Insight and Connected Traveller Services in Aviation. We developed code that has been used by tens of millions of passengers flying across the world and worked with some incredible people and companies.

The Aviation industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and our Aviation customers are reeling. The pandemic has also led to some significant changes in market research where Trendspotting through Social Prediction is replacing traditional research that requires human interactions, such as interviews, workshops or in-person surveys. In light of these impacts, we decided it’s necessary for Black Swan to focus on our core analytics business.

With our Swans now 100% focused on creating breakthrough consumer insight, we are passing all enquiries for Connected Traveller Services to our partners and friends in the industry. Just drop us a line through our enquiry box and we will make sure we land you safely (sorry, aviation is still the best industry for puns).

To all of our friends in the Aviation industry, this has been the hardest of years but we will rise again. We continue to be excited about working with you when you need our services in research or Social Prediction and we expect to see some exciting new initiatives from our partners and friends in Connected Traveller Services soon!

Steve King