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Hello, We’re Black Swan.

Two years ago we started Black Swan Data, with a simple belief that data and technology can, and will change the way business is done.

Along the way we’ve been fortunate enough to have started a company which has attracted some very talented people, some fantastic forward-looking clients and most importantly of all, some powerful examples of how data can really make a difference.

I hope that our new blog will serve as inspiration, sometimes provocation and potentially even raise a smile from time to time.

Nonsense and jargon abound in the world of data science. It’s confusing and unnecessary. We just know that helping companies make money and be more effective is a good thing for everyone. Our solutions are rooted in science, and we use some mighty fancy algorithms but ultimately we prefer plain speaking and to let our results speak for themselves.

Black Swan Data combines data science, technology and imagination to deliver exceptional results to companies. A complete dedication to using data to find transformation opportunities for businesses is what drives us.

Steve King