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[Black Swan] n. common expression in 16th century London as a statement of impossibility. [Origin] from the belief that all swans were white, before the first sighting of Australian black swans.

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At Black Swan we create products and solutions to transform the way organisations use digital technology and their data, and to help positively change the future through the power of technology and prediction.

We work with many of the world's leading consumer-focused brands and help them think differently about data, technology, their customers and ultimately their own businesses. We believe in challenging the status quo. We aren’t afraid to ask difficult questions and thrive on change.
We bring together a passionate and talented team that combine skills in software engineering, data science, design, product innovation and marketing. Our approach is fast; we strive for excellence and we aim to build long lasting partnerships with our clients.

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And The Winner Is……. Us, but next year!
Posted on Monday 29th June, 2015

Making predictions this year has been an incredibly uncomfortable experience as far as my ‘sciencey spider senses’ are concerned. I’d like to say I sought solace in meditation- through focused reflection on Buddhist teachings.

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Cannes Lions: Black Swan’s Oscar Winning Formula?
Posted on Thursday 25th June, 2015

In my research for model inspiration whilst trying to predict the Cannes Lions, I found two papers discussing approaches to predicting the Oscars. A fitting link, as the Cannes Lions have often been described as the Oscars of the ad industry. Or at least some people think so.

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Day Three Cannes Lions Predictions: Design, Radio + Cyber Awards
Posted on Wednesday 24th June, 2015

Welcome to day 3 of Black Swan at Cannes Lions, where we are predicting the awards winners all week from Cabana 4, outside the Palais des Festivals on La Croisette. Today sees awards for Design, Radio and Cyber. Have we got our predictions right?

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