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From the huge mass of data available today, We predict consumer behaviour for our clients, And help solve their marketing problems.

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Find out all sorts of things you didn't know, often involving data science and marketing (but not always).
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Why Most Company Videos Suck and How To Ensure Yours Doesn’t

Making a company video to reflect the essence of your business is a really difficult challenge. That’s why so many get it wrong. Here are some ideas that will help steer you in the right direction.

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Fleet of Foot and Feather

Here at Black Swan, we do a whole heap of things really well. Just check out the other blog posts and you’ll get a feel for the breadth of things we do, and think of doing. And even think about thinking about.

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UI and UX – Time and Space

It’s a pretty regular debate for us, here in the Black Swan Creative team. What is UX anyway? A little like Justice Stewart and his observation on obscenity, we know it when we see it, but an exact definition eludes us. The boundaries between UI design and UX design are incorrigibly blurred and seem to change while we’re not looking.

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