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You Won’t go Hungry at a Hungarian Hackathon!

See what happened when three Black Swan Data developers took part in the Microsoft IOT Hackathon in Hungary.

When asked if we wanted to take part in the Microsoft IoT Hackathonwe didn’t hesitate. Since we already had a keen interest in the field, we sat down to figure out an innovative idea based around environment protection.

The Microsoft IoT Hackathon is an international event to inspire problem solving using the Internet of Things, which brings together devices, sensors, cloud, data and your imagination.

Black Swan Data supported the event by providing an enormous pizza dinner and a seemingly infinite amount of energy and other soft drinks for the contestants.


Is anyone Hungary?


18 metres of Pizza!

Before the hackathon started we had the opportunity to learn from two great lecturers. Joe Wilson from Microsoft talked about trends in technology and showed us a fancy 3D presentation made with Unity. Ádám Lipécz from Codie also spoke about how difficult building a start-up is.

Introducing Sanyi

Our project was an Intelligent Selective Trash Bin which we simply called Sanyi (our nickname for Alexander in Hungarian). The basic idea was to motivate users by giving them points for usage to help protect our environment.

From a technical point of view, there were three main parts; the bin itself, the server and the mobile app. These tasks were split between the three of us.

Áron worked on the mobile app with the QR code reader (since then he has begun to try his hand as an iOS developer on one of our projects).

Norbert developed the server based on NodeJs, Express and MongoDb plus he created the API which held everything together.

Bence took care of the Bin and coded the sensor, using Raspberry Pi and a shoe box.

On day one we had our desks arranged, attended lectures in various topics related mostly to Microsoft Azureand had time to prepare our presentation about our idea, and got some very useful feedback.

Day two was about development and presentation. We finished our development in time (unlike most of the teams), and prepared an amazing presentation. And our combined efforts and great idea, led to us scooping first prize for the whole event!

It was a great opportunity to be creative under pressure, and an experience I am grateful to have been part of.


Team Sanyi the Victorious!