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Fuse data with design

One of the many ways we help our clients is with solutions that are data-led and listen at scale to consumer insight. This ensures they’re based on what’s actually going on, so they drive a real customer benefit. The mobile app we created for npower, one of the UK’s largest utilities companies, fuses data with slick design to give an outstanding customer experience and increase customer retention.

Your proactive personal assistant

case study - npower proactive personal assistant app

For a largely commoditised product, in today’s fickle world, how do you give the customer a superior experience so that they stick with you? We chose to imagine the npower app as a personal assistant, designed to be proactive, presentable and have a positive outlook. For the app to be proactive we needed to give it a brain - one that would learn about the user, and their behaviour, and respond intelligently.

Control in the customers’ hands

case study - app’s timeline functionality predict monthly bill based on users’ behaviour

The app’s unique Timeline functionality instantly visualises a customer’s historic energy usage. It then uses clever data analytics based on users’ behavioural data and the latest tariff information, to predict their monthly bill on a rolling timeline for the next 12 months. No other utility provider has this functionality.

Its intelligent notifications alert customers when a bill needs paying or if their contract is approaching renewal, suggesting the most cost efficient new tariff based on the user’s data.

The app’s Tracker function allows customers to compare gas and electricity usage month on month and year on year, helping them understand how they can be more efficient and save money.

It also gives live energy usage, so it’s easy to enter meter readings, make payments, give feedback and get help from support staff. All of this is geared towards putting the customer in control.

case study - Rated 4.5 stars by consumers, Top-rated Big 6 Energy Provider IOS App, 100% crash free on iOS

• Rated 4.5 stars by consumers
• Top-rated Big 6 Energy Provider IOS App
• 100% crash free on iOS

Simple, compelling design

Our aim was to create a digital experience that people would not merely be able to interact with, but would actually want to. That’s why we built the npower app around a seamless timeline approach displaying current, historical and predicted usage along with intelligent alerts and key data. The design created a cleaner, more intelligent experience that has its own navigation and structure, rather than merely ‘apping’ a web style.