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We create data-driven passenger experience solutions for the world’s leading airlines.

Rethinking the airline experience

For the last 30 years it’s been difficult to personalise and improve the passengers’ in-flight experience, but taking advantage of advances in connectivity and new certification techniques – alongside our expertise in data analytics and technology – Black Swan has changed all that.

We create data-driven passenger experience software for 70 of the world’s leading airlines (including all of the top 10). Our joined-up solutions understand and track the traveller’s DNA, using connected web, mobile and seatback devices, to optimise their inflight experience.

Taking passenger experience to the next LEVEL

case study - passenger experience on the next LEVEL

When IAG launched LEVEL – an ‘unbundled’ transatlantic airline offering long-haul flights with low ticket prices – they needed a ‘shop in the sky’ which could take card payments from any device (including seat-back) to offer ancillary on-board purchases.

12 week turnaround

inflight customer experience system

Our approach featured user-centric design and Rapid Application Prototyping methodologies. We designed, architected, developed, tested and delivered a complete inflight customer experience system in just 12 weeks, to meet Level's inaugural flight deadline.

• Enables mobile phone card payments
• Works with any device
• Pairs customer’s device to seatback
• Can work on any aircraft
• Customers can create and personalise accounts
• Uses AI to understand passenger DNA

Turning captive passengers into captivated customers

passengers using internet on the plane

For the first time passengers can pair their device to seatback, to browse and buy the latest film, TV and music releases, food & drink, duty-free goods and Wi-Fi packages. Plus they can order and make payment safely and securely direct from their phones – even when the plane is offline and internet connectivity isn't available.

Key features of working with us

Speed and collaboration

Committed to fast turnaround times for projects. We work in partnership with our clients, and know when to bring in external expertise from world-class third party partners.


Not merely content to adapt what’s there, we relish creating groundbreaking solutions to fresh challenges.

Driving revenues

We’re able to connect passengers from flight-to-flight and use advanced algorithms to load the products, prices and offers that suit them. All of which leads to more spend per km.

Data-driven insights

Data-driven systems generate analytics and reports featuring previously unavailable insights that offer a holistic view of the passenger.

Secure handshaking

Our systems can allow devices to interface safely without risking corruption, loss or interception of data.

Overcoming legacy

With so many different fleets, configurations, types of software and contracts, transforming your in-flight service might appear too complex. However, our architects and engineers have experience of a huge variety of platforms, and have worked across old and new systems; so we’re fully aware of the challenges and ready to help.

Award winning innovation

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“The APEX awards are the industry’s way of tipping their hat, and recognising the newest and most innovative approaches to business.”

Dominic Green,

APEX Awards Chair

“Black Swan have an amazing team of people who are not only dedicated to delivering the product, but strive to be and remain innovative in the aviation industry”

Mark Cheyney - Group Inflight Product Owner,

IAG: International Airlines Group

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