Surface and predict trends using data science


Surface, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science
Trendscope Social Prediction™


Next generation concept testing

Using the world’s largest record of consumer opinion – the internet.

Bring better products to market faster and more efficiently

SONAR is our proprietary, data-driven concept testing technology, designed to automatically screen and optimise ideas against expansive, continuous datasets.

Progress ideas at speed

Running concepts through an automated tool means we can rethink the testing process – enabling you to screen multiple concepts faster and adopt a test, optimise and re-test approach.

Unbiased testing

Sonar helps remove subjectivity by using data science to mine human behaviours and insights from the millions of social conversations taking place around categories, brands and products everyday.

Identify competitors and opportunity spaces

Sonar scans millions of category data points to identify brands competing in the concept’s territory and recommends ways to refine the concept in order to differentiate.

How Sonar works

  • Concept text is loaded directly into Sonar’s online interface.
  • Bespoke algorithms and Natural Language Processing technology automatically breaks the concept down into component words and phrases.
  • Each component is analysed against millions of online conversations to understand its performance and ownership relative to the category.
  • A comprehensive 10-page report is generated outlining overall performance and plotting each concept’s:
    • Relevance – Frequency and growth of key components versus the category average.
    • Competitiveness - Landscape of the concept’s territory.
    • Differentiation - Uniqueness versus competitive brands and products.
  • Very Different
  • Concept
  • Different
  • Similar
  • Very Similar
Sonar on desktop device

Key features


Access millions of category conversations from social media, forums, blogs & reviews.


Real-time data - up to date consumer sentiment and insight.

Agile reporting

Report and recommendations within 72 hours.


Multilingual datasets and taxonomies.


Sonar’s self-serve nature means concept optimisation can be brought in-house.

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