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Obi Swan Kenobi | The Force Awakens

Star Wars fever has infiltrated Black Swan Data, with some staff taking the day as holiday to ensure they get an early screening. With a client’s private screening of ‘The Force Awakens’ coming up, we thought we ’d take a quick look at some of the figures that Disney can expect to see coming in over the next six months. 

The total revenue for the film is pegged to eclipse all other movies in the whole of cinematic history. With an expected opening weekend in the region of $250m (and that’s just North America), the total income from the film is predicted to be between $7.2 and $9.1 billion.

Income by sector:

  • $734mm – Box office domestic
  • $1.65 bill – Box office international
  • $5 billion – global merchandise
  • $458mm – DVD/Downloads
  • $214mm – Intl TV licensing
  • $235mm – US TV licensing
  • $500mm – Infinity 3.0 videogame

The $5 billion in merchandising seems like a large chunk of change, but in the grand scheme of Disney’s licensing, annual returns from licensing total $45.2 billion per annum. Whilst all these numbers are impressive, they pale in comparison with the lifetime revenues they will generate with the new fans they are nurturing. This latest generation of fans will ensure the franchise continues for the next 30 years.

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Top Grossing Movies of all time:

  • Avatar – $2.788 Billion
  • Titanic – $2.186 Billion
  • Fast & Furious 7 – $1.52 Billion
  • The Avengers – $1.518 Billion
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – $1.368 Billion

The first Star Wars film in 1977 held the highest grossing film for 6 years, until E.T. was released in 1983.