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AI-powered category landscape reporting

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The most comprehensive view of
consumer trends affecting your
category now and in the future.


2,626,664 Conversations

What is Horizon?

A Horizon report is a deep-dive analysis of the shifts happening in your category as defined by how millions of consumers are organically talking about it online.

Delivered by our Insight Consultants it will offer you a new perspective on: White-Space Opportunities, Product Innovation Strategy, Brand Communications and Mergers & Acquisition.


The questions we answer

Category overview:

  • How do consumers ‘actually’ define my category?
  • What does the future of my category look like?

Trend analysis

  • What are the macro drivers and headwinds influencing my category?
  • Which granular level trends are becoming increasingly important?

Innovation & Brand territories

  • How can my brand portfolio leverage these trends?
  • Which innovation territories should I prioritise?

How can Horizon benefit my business?

Horizon can be compared to a traditional Usage and Attitudes study but with the unique benefits of Social data as it’s source of consumer behaviour.

Exhaustive trends coverage

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology means we are not restricted by a survey size or only asking questions about what we already know. Every important consumer topic of conversation will be analysed and reported.

Breadth and Depth

  • Horizon gives you view of consumer behaviour at breadth (from millions of consumers) and depth (deep-dive on specific conversations) from a real-time data source.

Actionable and future focussed

  • Horizon’s output looks towards the future of your category, utilising our TPV metric to identify the highest ranking future trends. This provides you with data-driven foresight to put your research ahead of any traditional method.

Fast, customisable and cost-effective

  • Our Insight Consultant team will tailor Horizon’s output to your key business questions giving you in-depth reporting within days that would take traditional insight providers months.

Discover how we helped PepsiCo define their next generation of product innovations to fizz up a new sparkling water brand.


How does GDPR impact the work you're doing?

In short, it doesn’t. GDPR is a set of rules governing the privacy and security of personal data. Our work analyses macro level trends from publicly available, anonymised data – what people are doing at an individual level is of no value or interest to Black Swan Data.

How can I commission a Horizon report?

Horizon gives you the most comprehensive and accurate view of your category now and in the future. It is a modular based reporting system which ensures we cover the business questions that are most pertinent to your brand, including: Category Strategy, Innovation, Communication and M&A. Because we use our continuous, automated datasets, Horizon reports can be compiled within a matter of days - what would take traditional research techniques months. Please contact us to arrange a call with one of our Insight Consultants to find out more.

What sectors do you operate in?

We focus on the Consumer Goods, Quick Service Restaurant and Travel sectors but our tools and processes have the potential to be applied to any sector. Put simply, if consumers are talking about a topic online, then we can analyse that conversation for business intelligence.