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Contagious Interview: Using predictive analytics to streamline product development

Hugo Amos and James Howarth (our PepsiCo client) were interviewed by Contagious journalist Sophia Epstein during our Open House event for MRS Impact Week.

PepsiCo is working with technology startup Black Swan to use machine learning and predictive analytics to predict and respond to emerging trends. At an open house session during MRS Impact Week, James Howarth, strategic insights director at PepsiCo, explained how they’d used Black Swan’s predictive analytics to develop new flavours of Sensations crisps. Black Swan’s Trendscope uses social and historical data to identify what ingredients are currently trending, and predict which ones will scale in the next six to 12 months.

You can access the full article and read more about our work with PepsiCo and Trendscope here

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