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What’s for dinner tonight? Our trend predictions in Foods and Meals

What’s for dinner tonight? Tomorrow? In 2021 and beyond? Our Foods and Meals trend predictions will tell you. For many years, the most popular restaurant meal in Britain was prawn cocktail, followed by steak and chips, with Black Forest gateau for dessert. The heyday of this ‘Great British Meal’ was the 1970s, when specific meals were reserved for special occasions. The meal was sufficiently exotic to seem like a luxury, but familiar enough to be a safe bet.


The rise of the anti-inflammatory trend

Anti-inflammatory foods are growing in popularity. We look at what’s driving this trend and how it’s linked with another key macro trend that’s sweeping across the Western world – the Korean culture wave.


The story behind our new bold brand

We’re still Black Swan Data. But now our modern new identity and dynamic website truly reflects our core values of being fast, accurate, tech-first and data-driven. Discover the story behind our brand.