There are a lot of company videos out there. Yes, there are some good ones, but most suck.

Now, I don’t mean a company’s product and services video, I mean those company videos designed to show off the people, culture and working environment.

It’s those videos, in particular, that most companies struggle to get right.

Why Do They Fail?

One of the main reasons these types of company videos fail, is due to authenticity.

Every business wants to represent itself in the best light, that’s only natural, so they hire a professional production company to enhance reality and polish the rough edges.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, often an invisible line is crossed and the video loses it’s authenticity… it becomes less believable.

Did We Succeed?

We were certainly very keen to ensure our own Black Swan company video didn’t cross this line.

But, we’ll let you decide:

If you are still reading, I’ll assume you liked it!

While it’s not going to win an Oscar, it is authentic… and reflects accurately the company I work for, and am passionate about.

So, keep reading, as I’d like to share the 6 things we learned that might help you make a success of your own company video.

1) Don’t Overthink It

This doesn’t mean it has to be boring or without creativity and ideas. But if every step of the process is torturous and drawn out… I’d suggest you are probably overthinking it, and in danger of delivering something that doesn’t accurately reflect your company.

2) Don’t Over Script It

We only scripted our video very loosely. We knew filming within the office would be difficult to control, so we wanted to give ourselves as much wiggle room as possible. In fact, it was only after the first edit that we started to write the script for the voiceover.

3) Don’t Over Style It

Your video should be an authentic reflection of the business and people. If you are excluding people from the video because they are wearing the wrong shirt, or you are totally re-arranging the furniture in your office, I’d suggest you are going to far.

4) Don’t Over Stage It

Our business is office based and that means a lots of people sitting at their desks. That’s a bit boring… so we considered staging shots, you know, people working in contrived huddles. In the end we simply walked around the office and pointed the camera at teams and asked them to say hello… not subtle… but the reactions were honest.

5) Don’t Over Stretch It

Over the years I’ve always tried to extract the maximum from video budgets. Looking back, it’s often meant ambitious ideas ended up being poorly executed. This time we kept things simple! Instead of spending half a day shooting one complicated set-up, we filmed a greater variety of shots, which gave us far more flexibility during the edit.

6) Don’t Over Stress It

Finally, if you and your team are not having fun, that’s a pity… and it may effect the final product… so try loosening the reins and enjoy the ride.

Hopefully, these 6 tips will help steer you in a more authentic direction, good luck!

Scott loves to makes things – whether it’s a data inspired digital experience for one of the world’s most loved brands, a best selling book aimed at getting Dads to make ‘cool stuff’, or an illustrated project for his award winning blog. It’s this approach that has helped him win business, win followers and win awards. Fun fact: As a kid he won a national drawing competition and was invited to the Take Hart studios to meet Tony Hart, but was left devastated when told he couldn’t meet Morph!​