Applying Big Data and Cutting Edge Algorithms to Drive Better Passenger OutcomesEverybody is always looking for the cheapest flight available, right? The rise of the budget airlines proves that the only thing people are really interested in when they book a flight is to get the lowest possible price. Well no, actually. Particularly for long-haul flights, what can be the most important thing is that when you arrive at your destination you are actually in a fit state to do what you came for. If you’ve ever got off an economy flight bent double and bleary-eyed, you’ll understand that you might not be quite at your best for the business you’ve flown half way around the world to do.

So, you might be wondering, how can data analysis help with that? Well bear with us and we’ll explain.

When we started looking at this, we examined a number of professions. Most were difficult to assess as there’s no formal measurement for outcomes. We then turned our gaze to professional sports teams and how they travel the world to, ensuring they are in peak physical fitness.

If you’re a sports person a it’s obvious you need have reaction times that are as quick as the person  you’re playing against . Many of the teams know this and ensure their talent were always in tip-top shape in the lead up to game day and their well-being was completely looked after, whether that be their exercise programme, their vitamin intake or their dietary considerations. By the time they were revving up for their event they were in peak shape!

However, what was noticed was that the support staff, who had been flying to events in economy, were not necessarily quite so fresh. And even split seconds lost in the decision making process could cost them the event… and big money. So this is where we got involved to help develop an algorithm that would work out the best way to treat your body when hopping across time zones. And before long we’d worked out an algorithm to help crack this.

We’re working alongside Panasonic Avionics Corporation to build an app that will take care of your well-being while you’re flying. We’ve also used brand new research to find out how passengers actually view their wellness. The massive boom in wearable tech over the last few years highlights how important this has become to people. And now this data can help you be ready to perform at your best when you get to your destination, by minimising the effects of jetlag.

Even before you get on the plane our software can tell you which is the best flight to catch so you arrive fresh. Then not only does it allow you to use your phone to control the seat back technology – loading up your favourite films or music, for example – it will also build you a personalised flight plan. So you’ll know when to eat, when to snack, when to get up and stretch… it can even advise when to avoid having a snifter.

Our target customer for the app will be anyone who, when they book their flight, searches for a requirement beyond simply a price decision – people who are more focused on the overall outcome of their trip than the purchase price.

Black Swan’s experience and product range means 68 airlines are currently flying our software. We take care of systems that manage your Wi-Fi connection while you’re in the air, as well as the software that powers your seat-back entertainment system. In other words, we have a wealth of experience in the in-cabin entertainment sector. Meanwhile Panasonic services 87% of global airlines. So you can be pretty confident we know what we’re doing. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, drop us a message here.