Black Swan Data Science Consultant Rose Barnett has recently had this article on Machine Learning published by digital business, marketing and ecommerce experts Econsultancy.

The full article can be accessed on the Econsultancy website here 

Terminologies are subtly transforming as big data becomes more commonly recognised. It seem that any and all information is now considered ‘data’, and analysis merely signifies ‘looking’. Rose asks – is ‘data analytics’ really that much different to the older, more familiar term ‘business intelligence’?

We ask the question -are human decision-makers are able to gauge functional insights from data just by looking at it? Data alone is unable to generate insight – conclusions made from decision-makers are ultimately what forms insight.

Although we are able to draw these conclusions, they will always be naturally flawed, due to the fact that humans have evolved to identify patterns in everything.

‘We see faces in house fronts, mythical beasts in constellations and apparitions on toast.’

So what is to be said about machine learning? Can machines, immune to human cognitive flaws, accurately locate correlations in data that we cannot?

Although they are able to accurately predict and simulate events, they cannot interpret this data as easily due to their complexity. More often than not, as an industry, we’ve established that the answer is yes.

The full article was published on 24th April 2017 and can be found on Econsultancy .

Rose studied Economics and Politics before entering the tech startup world. She develops our data science into products which empower people in their jobs. She strongly believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to use machine learning, and that software should serve humans, not replace them. Outside work, she writes on public policy and the changing political economy under the fourth industrial revolution.