Our Business Development Director predicts Dragonfly will be the big news of 2017. Read on to find out why…

For centuries civilisations have fixated on the ability to predict things, in every culture, in every corner of the globe; from the holy sadhus of India to the oracle at Delphi; from Macbeth’s witches to Nostradamus …

Embracing Change

The reality is that humanity doesn’t really enjoy the unpredictable, we like stability and so it is that soothsayers have become integral to the fabric of our society, if a little more commercial in nature. From sport pundits, economists and weather forecasters, we seek their knowledge and use it to shape the patterns of our life.  When they get it wrong they become more famous than when they get it right – witness Michael Fish who failed to forecast the 1987 hurricane which flattened forests across the UK.

Who could have predicted Brexit, or the rising influence of Russia’s proxy farms across western Europe; or that by 2030 the ice caps will have melted and air production might become a tradable commodity (as bryophytes switch from ingesting carbon to ingesting cosmetic micro-beads) as the ocean’s production of oxygen diminishes?

The Future is Coming

A global sweep of the future helps us understand that AI, block chain, bit coin and P2P will radicalise the value and control we place on ownership of our personal data, as we begin to trade with it and institutional and banking hubs lose relevancy. Meanwhile the next stage of our evolution as a species is forecast to be driven by our reliance on device technology, as we learn how to cope with the new tsunami of content; over 211 million items of digital content are now being produced every minute.

Navigating future content has never been more important.  I want to lift the lid off a little trade secret…Black Swan and Queen Mary University of London have modelled the way the human brain interprets, filters and prioritises content received from the rods and cones in the human eye, into an algorithmic software that reads both visual content static and motion (video and rich digital formats).  Basically, expressing what works and providing a visual data set to enable content to be modelled to match the optimum alignment to engagement across the whole of humanity.


It’s called Dragonfly – simple to use and low base to licence and in my book, that makes it probably the breakthrough martech product of 2017.  By using heat mapping, the functional interpretation improves content cut through, engagement and sales by unbelievable factors.  Factors so good that I can’t publish the numbers, or I forecast the stampede will cause more devastation than the 1987 hurricane.

Suffice to say, fast food brands, shopper scientists, digital marketers, store planners and packaging designers are falling over themselves to leverage performance from the product which is revolutionising optimisation through its real time heat mapping. Whilst we can’t predict the winning lottery results, Black Swan can help you predict how effectively your visual marketing collateral is working, and how to optimise performance using Dragonfly’s prediction algorithm.

So why not put Dragonfly to the test by sending an image or URL to hello@blackswan.com? They’ll run the analysis and send you the results within 24 hours (don’t worry, this one is on them!).

I don’t endorse much, but why not click here and make your own mind up:


Mark Bainbridge is Business Development Director at Black Swan Data