Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Chirp, as well as our investment in Chirp’s crowd funding campaign on Crowdcube.

Here’s why……

Chirp’s technology shares data with sound.  It can turn anything with a speaker into an interactive device, sending information for payments, games, content and much more.  It’s no secret – at Black Swan, we love all kinds of data, but using audio to send bite-size chunks of data allows us to connect mobile applications with physical locations, other users, kiosks, PA announcements, TV ads etc.  We haven’t found a phone yet that doesn’t have a speaker and a microphone, so sound has the huge advantage of ubiquity.

Black Swan CEO, Steve King, says: “Chirp is one of those technologies you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. Highly engaging and very practical, Chirp allows us to communicate between Apps on platforms others do not. We’re already getting strongly positive feedback from some significant customers, and look forward to rolling out Chirp-enabled applications very soon.”


You can find out more about Chirp at 

See how the crowdfunding is going and join in the fun at

To read the full press release on Black Swan’s partnership with Chirp, please click here.

Lara is Communications Manager at Black Swan.