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Is It Time To Start Innovating Innovation?

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Will Silverwood asks – as consumer voices become louder, and reviews more powerful, is it time we started Innovating Innovation?

Will Silverwood is a Client Partner at Black Swan, helping client to derive maximum value from our products and services. With a few decades of experience combining data, technology and commercial sense to build stronger customer experiences across B2B and consumer businesses.
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How To Be A Crab!

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I seem to have accidentally stumbled into a seafood theme – I will persist…

Matt’s interest in IT began young with a Commodore 64. From BASIC to book-keeping, his journey through accountancy and legal software led to the much more glamorous world of digital and mobile technology, and Matt now heads up the Black Swan office in New York.
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Taking Care in the Air

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Applying Big Data and Cutting Edge Algorithms to Drive Better Passenger OutcomesEverybody is always looking for the cheapest flight available, right? The rise of the budget airlines proves that the only thing people are really interested in when they book a flight is to get the lowest possible price. Well no, actually.

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Guest Blog Post: The University of Exeter and Environmental Sciences

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The University of Exeter is a global leader in environmental science research, and aims to ensure that our research delivers a better world where we live within our environmental limits. Our 10-year strategic partnership with the Met Office, which is based in Exeter, is also critical to these aspirations. 

Dawn Scott is currently a Business Development Manager at the University of Exeter, and especially motivated to work collaboratively with partners in the environmental arena. Showing a keen interest in the environment and natural world since childhood, and more recently taken part in voluntary work to fundraise and support Devon’s wildlife, including monitoring the eternally endearing dormouse.
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From Pigment to Pixels – What Makes Beauty ‘Work’?

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Many years ago as an Art History student I read a book called “Ways of Seeing”. It used pictures to challenge the way we respond to visual content and, as essays go, it remains one of the most memorable I have come across.

Mark Bainbridge is Business Development Director at Black Swan Data
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