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Black Swan Loves Legacy!

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Everyone loves to start the New Year with a clean slate – and with this in mind, I think it’s time to set a certain record straight.

Steve King has worked in tech & data science, man & boy. He puts it down to playing with an abacus from an early age in the depths of Wales, with precious else to do. Now he’s all grown up and as CEO spends his days leading our flagship accounts – zipping regularly from the UK to the US West Coast. He’s one of Black Swan’s founders, citing his sources of inspiration as Nate Silver, standing atop the Gower Peninsular and delivering game changing insights for his clients.
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Welcome To The Brain

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Farming! José! Bunnies!

Our Chief Technical Officer, Gary Townsend, shares his thoughts on The Brain, our latest innovation which will change the way Data Scientists produce scaleable models, forever!

Based in our LA office Gary is the brains behind much of our artificial intelligence technology and really knows his stuff. Gary cut his teeth on aviation internet technology before joining as CTO this year and he’s an alumni of the Dakota School of Mining, so…if you need to know about inflight internet or find yourself short of a Davey Lamp – he’s your man…
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Unlimited Holidays, and How Dolly Parton got it Wrong, by 30 Minutes!

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Richard Branson recently made a stir with his announcement that Virgin employees could take as much leave as they wanted.

Scott loves to makes things – whether it’s a data inspired digital experience for one of the world’s most loved brands, a best selling book aimed at getting Dads to make ‘cool stuff’, or an illustrated project for his award winning blog. It’s this approach that has helped him win business, win followers and win awards. Fun fact: As a kid he won a national drawing competition and was invited to the Take Hart studios to meet Tony Hart, but was left devastated when told he couldn’t meet Morph!​
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