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Understanding What Consumers Want Without Ever Asking Them

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Black Swan’s Chief Strategy Officer Hugo Amos examines the power of social listening in brand strategy. 

Lara is Communications Manager at Black Swan.
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Our Insight and Innovation Director Nik Pearmine has written the following piece for Quirk’s Marketing Research Review about Big Social Data, and how it can be maximised for effective Market Research.

Nik is Executive Insights & Innovation Director at Black Swan Data
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The March of the Machines – from The Drum

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The March of the Machines: predictive models have broken out of the supply chain and are heading straight into marketing territory. By Steve King for The Drum

Lara is Communications Manager at Black Swan.
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The Golden Prospect of Machine Learning – from Econsultancy

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Black Swan Data Science Consultant Rose Barnett has recently had this article on Machine Learning published by digital business, marketing and ecommerce experts Econsultancy.

Rose studied Economics and Politics before entering the tech startup world. She develops our data science into products which empower people in their jobs. She strongly believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to use machine learning, and that software should serve humans, not replace them. Outside work, she writes on public policy and the changing political economy under the fourth industrial revolution.
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Genetic Algorithm

From Ape to Scientist: Explaining A Genetic Algorithm

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A Genetic Algorithm is a method of solving optimisation problems based on a natural selection process, mimicking biological evolution.

Sam is a on of Black Swan’s quirky data scientists. She has a masters in applied maths and a fascination with the power of machine learning. She is currently working on a masters in Statistics but in her free time enjoys yoga and reading poetry.
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How We’re Waking Up To Data

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If I remember rightly, we waited about 5 years for the year of the mobile, as if it were a fixed date in the calendar. Yet none of us remember waking up one day all “on-mobile” – because that’s not how it works!

Mark Bainbridge is Business Development Director at Black Swan Data
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Guest Post: Big Data – Does Size Matter? by Timandra Harkness

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This evening, writer, comedian and data expert Timandra Harkness launches her book – Big Data – Does Size Matter, complete with a special mention of a certain Black Swan on page 23! A long time friend of Black Swan, Timandra has written this guest post for our blog to celebrate. If you are interested in buying the book, make sure you read right to the bottom for a special discount code.

A writer, comedian and broadcaster, Timandra has been performing on scientific, mathematical and statistical topics since the latter days of the 20th Century. She has written about travel for the Sunday Times, motoring for the Telegraph, science & technology for WIRED, BBC Focus Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine, and is a regular on BBC Radio, and resident reporter on social psychology series The Human Zoo. Timandra also writes and presents documentaries and BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing series, and is currently writing a new comedy show about Big Data. In her spare time she is studying for an Open University degree in Mathematics & Statistics.
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Miniconometrics – The Black Swan A-Team

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Want to measure the effectiveness of your marketing communications? Here the Black Swan A-Team tells you how!

Aiste Karkauskaite: Senior Consultant in econometrics, a.k.a. IDD – Investigator and Data Detective
Alexander Geuder: Software Engineer for the Data Science team, splashing practical convention in theoretical chaos
Rafael Fernandes: Data Scientist, problem solver and self-proclaimed master of the dance floor in Brazilian Zouk dancing
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DataSift Guest Post: Farewell Don Draper, Hello Social Data

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The Don Draper-style of agency executive and marketer is an enduring one. Big personalities, well connected, they come up with the big creative ideas that impress big (often hard-to-please) clients and result in all-singing, all-dancing campaigns, often devised on the back of long, liquid lunches.

Zuzanna is responsible for driving all the aspects of DataSift’s marketing strategy. A marketing leader with 15+ years of experience, Zuzanna most recently led brand and marketing for Huddle, the leader in cloud collaboration for the enterprise and government. Former published sociologist, Zuzanna co-founded Custard, a consultancy specializing in digital media and mobile. Its client list boasted innovative startups such as AdMob (now Google) as well as top global brands, including Disney, Nokia and Garmin. Her previous experience spans working with 50+ companies across software, hardware, mobile, telecommunications & networking and engineering.
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Taking Care in the Air

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Applying Big Data and Cutting Edge Algorithms to Drive Better Passenger OutcomesEverybody is always looking for the cheapest flight available, right? The rise of the budget airlines proves that the only thing people are really interested in when they book a flight is to get the lowest possible price. Well no, actually.

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The Keyword Conundrum – Insights and Brand Names

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Everyone who has ever worked in Data or Social Listening been involved in building queries will hopefully relate to what I am about to write.
The 1st step in all the briefs we receive is to come up with a query that will enable us to retrieve all the data we need to surface insights.

Marine is a planner at heart. She spends so much time observing the world, understanding behaviour, analysing online conversation and deciphering patterns within pools of data, many think she could be part of the Matrix. After 2 MScs in Advertising & Marketing, Marine joined Black Swan to help the Insight & Innovation team with their interstellar insights.
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Shop ‘Til You Drop this Christmas with Black Swan’s Secret Formula!

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Wondering how to use up those few days of annual leave you’ve got left?

Lara is Communications Manager at Black Swan.
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Welcome To The Brain

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Farming! José! Bunnies!

Our Chief Technical Officer, Gary Townsend, shares his thoughts on The Brain, our latest innovation which will change the way Data Scientists produce scaleable models, forever!

Based in our LA office Gary is the brains behind much of our artificial intelligence technology and really knows his stuff. Gary cut his teeth on aviation internet technology before joining as CTO this year and he’s an alumni of the Dakota School of Mining, so…if you need to know about inflight internet or find yourself short of a Davey Lamp – he’s your man…
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Of Crabs and Beetroot: A Statistician’s Tale

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How probabilities can affect even the smallest business decisions.

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Black Swan

The real data revolution

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I first moved to London back in 1998 in the middle of the first dot com boom as a developer and to say the streets were paved with gold was a bit of an understatement. 

Steve King has worked in tech & data science, man & boy. He puts it down to playing with an abacus from an early age in the depths of Wales, with precious else to do. Now he’s all grown up and as CEO spends his days leading our flagship accounts – zipping regularly from the UK to the US West Coast. He’s one of Black Swan’s founders, citing his sources of inspiration as Nate Silver, standing atop the Gower Peninsular and delivering game changing insights for his clients.
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