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DataSift Guest Post: Farewell Don Draper, Hello Social Data

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The Don Draper-style of agency executive and marketer is an enduring one. Big personalities, well connected, they come up with the big creative ideas that impress big (often hard-to-please) clients and result in all-singing, all-dancing campaigns, often devised on the back of long, liquid lunches.

Zuzanna is responsible for driving all the aspects of DataSift’s marketing strategy. A marketing leader with 15+ years of experience, Zuzanna most recently led brand and marketing for Huddle, the leader in cloud collaboration for the enterprise and government. Former published sociologist, Zuzanna co-founded Custard, a consultancy specializing in digital media and mobile. Its client list boasted innovative startups such as AdMob (now Google) as well as top global brands, including Disney, Nokia and Garmin. Her previous experience spans working with 50+ companies across software, hardware, mobile, telecommunications & networking and engineering.
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On Oysters and Innovation

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Here at Black Swan, our output is often new tech and processes that our clients use to make significant improvements to their bottom line. But what happens to all this technology? It seems a bit of a waste to just deliver it to a single client – in fact why just share it with our clients, why not the wider world?

Matt’s interest in IT began young with a Commodore 64. From BASIC to book-keeping, his journey through accountancy and legal software led to the much more glamorous world of digital and mobile technology, and Matt now heads up the Black Swan office in New York.
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Man v Machine – The Changing Face of Business in 2016

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I came across an interesting comment recently from Annemie Ress, Former Global HR Director of eBay and Skype, when asked what she expected the HR trends of 2016 to be:

After a brief career in Recruitment, Rosie made the move into HR to satisfy her interest in people, and she is passionate about connecting businesses to their staff (and vice versa!). As HR Manager for Black Swan, Rosie gets to delve into the full spectrum of HR activities; from Recruitment to Employee Relations to choosing the theme for the office Christmas party.
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The Lingo of Logic (and how to tell if you’ll be happy tomorrow!)

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The study of logic concerns the study of sentences (propositions in the lingo of logic) and whether they are true or false.

Ettie is a trained mathematician with a PhD in artificial intelligence. After a stint in academia she found her way to industry and now works on crunching natural language processing algorithms at Black Swan.
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Unlimited Holidays, and How Dolly Parton got it Wrong, by 30 Minutes!

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Richard Branson recently made a stir with his announcement that Virgin employees could take as much leave as they wanted.

Scott loves to makes things – whether it’s a data inspired digital experience for one of the world’s most loved brands, a best selling book aimed at getting Dads to make ‘cool stuff’, or an illustrated project for his award winning blog. It’s this approach that has helped him win business, win followers and win awards. Fun fact: As a kid he won a national drawing competition and was invited to the Take Hart studios to meet Tony Hart, but was left devastated when told he couldn’t meet Morph!​
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