Why should anyone need to live in pain, not knowing what is wrong with them or what to do about it? White Swan can help.

Millions of people in the world are living in pain, whether physical or emotional, not knowing what is wrong with them or what to do about it.  At White Swan we believe this is unnecessary, and something we want to change.

We also want to make life easier for our wonderful doctors, who currently have to rely on a 10-20 minute consultation with limited patient input and data (usually from our own faulty memories) to work out what is wrong and what to do about it.

We believe we can create a better world, where we all take more personal responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, utilising our skills and technology.

Baby Steps

We are taking baby steps towards this with White Swan, but we have big ambitions.

Already at White Swan we have been working on accelerating the accurate diagnosis of rare diseases, working with consultants and academics.  We are even looking at ways to help members of the public who have approached us for help with loved ones who are living in pain with as yet undiagnosed conditions.  Imagine how you would feel waking up every day and feeling the sense of hopelessness that comes with not knowing how to make yourself feel well again?

Join Us

If you want to help us change this, then join us.

Perhaps you are as passionate as us about promoting positive mental health? It is this passion that is fuelling our work with the University of Exeter on developing internet-delivered preventative therapies.  Mental health impacts millions of people across Britain alone, and it’s not just those personally suffering, but their friends and families too.

If you want to help us change this, then join us.

I was asked recently to explain what makes White Swan different to other company CSR initiatives.  I thought it a bit of a strange question…. But as with most questions I couldn’t help but answer it!

Why Are We Different?

Firstly, White Swan has been set-up by the people of Black Swan – not by a corporate team deciding to do corporate PR.

Secondly, it’s staffed by the people of Black Swan – so everyone can feel they can make a difference as every skill is needed – our passionate volunteers have even started recruiting their husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends who have been inspired by White Swan’s vision.

Finally, White Swan isn’t an ‘initiative’, it’s a new ‘model’ in how to do good whilst growing a successful company, it’s a way of working, a source of passion.

Together we can Bring Wellbeing to the World.

Miranda spent 17 years in big business in senior leadership positions, including Marketing Director for the likes of PepsiCo and Mars. She now enjoys the hills and coast of Devon, combining a passion to make a difference by leading the creation of White Swan, with hiking and biking with her chocolate Labrador Lottie.