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Aviation Airport

Turning data into personalised passenger experiences

Combining connectivity, data, predictive analytics and digital intelligence, our aviation subsidiary Fethr creates superior passenger experiences that make airlines more profitable.


Rethinking the airline experience

For the last 30 years it’s been difficult to personalise and improve passengers’ in-flight experience. But through data analytics, advanced connectivity and new certification techniques, Fethr is achieving this.

Fethr puts the customer experience at the heart of aviation. By creating data-driven platforms and application – for example connected web, mobile and seatback devices – every touch point of the passenger’s journey is better informed and more engaging. This in turn creates a rich, retail-enabled platform that drives revenue for airlines.

Aviation Experience
“An amazing team of people who are not only dedicated to delivering the product, but strive to be and remain innovative in the aviation industry.”
Mark Cheyney, IAG Group in-flight product owner

What are the benefits?

  • Proven, independent aviation specialists
  • Partner with clients for fast turnaround
  • Analytics and reports bring previously unavailable, data-driven insights
  • Secure systems enables devices to interface safely
  • A more personalised passenger experience leads to more spend per km
  • Experienced across a variety of airline platforms and systems